Buffbunny Collection was ultimately created for YOU... a woman who embraces her fears, celebrates her uniqueness, and confidently shows the world who she is. Our goal is to provide comfort, style, and support for all women to take on new challenges, both in and out of the gym.

We, as a team and as women, want to inspire you to appreciate the now, challenge you to cultivate your future, and motivate you to make your destiny, your reality.

We create every piece from the ground up. We only release products that we are proud of. Our team spends months, if not years, perfecting every item so that they can be in your hands right now.

With the help of our incredible team, we are able to carefully select every detail from the zipper, fabric, texture, to the wear and comfortability which we put to the test to ensure our impeccable standards! To find the exact color that we have been dreaming of, we dip our fabric in different pantone colors which then makes our ideas comes to life. We are also able to make our print designs more customized to our brand with the help of talented graphic artists.

We have a lead designer on our team that helps us put our ideas onto paper so that we are able to make magic come to life! We refuse to launch anything until it is nothing less than perfect. Sometimes adding an inch to a top can push production back a few months but we do so because we want everyone to love our items just as much as we do.

We take pride in capturing inclusivity including women from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds. We understand that every woman is unique from the curves on her body, to the challenges she faces in her life, to the circumstances that she is given. We full heartedly believe in making each woman’s strength, beauty and power known to her and helping her express those unique qualities with each piece that we launch.

We aim to provide you all with the best experience all around. From our customized prints, to our detailed packaging where we try to include fun stickers or other small goodies to show how much we appreciate our customers!

We take pride in our pieces, message, team and brand. We hope that every one of you get to experience what it is like to be a part of the Buffbunny Collection community!